Another tragic death

From The Villa News and Record, December 5, 25 & 26, 1925

Wally Strange, Villa’s assistant secretary

“It is with deep regret we announce that E. W. Strange died at four o’clock on Friday afternoon last, after lingering in a hopeless condition for several days. Everybody who knew him will be exceedingly sorry for “Wally” Strange was a very likeable man. He was about 50 years of age, and had been assistant secretary to Mr George B. Ramsay for 26 years. He was a good and faithful helpmate to Aston Villa, having its afairs at his finger-ends, and being one of the most loyal workers through all the years.

“The accident which led to Mr Strange’s death occured at Snow Hill Station, on the evening of Saturday, December 5th. He had been to Cardiff to make valuation of a player, and on alighting from the train fell down the stone steps leading from the Livery Street platform. Immediately it was seen that he had sustained a severe wound at the back of the head, and, unconscious, he was removed to the General Hospital; later he was transferred to the Dudley Road Infirmary, where he remained in a more or less comatose condition until the end came on Friday, the 18th, at 4 p.m. He had, during all this time, the most loving care and attention of the medical staff and a devoted wife, and his passing was without pain.”

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