Behold the upright

The fallen leaves on the ground and the identity of the Aston VIlla players lined up in the photograph used as the masthead for this blog – and also shown below – indicate that it was probably taken sometime in the early autumn of 1891.

At the start of the 1888-89 season Villa switched from wearing striped jerseys to wearing quartered shirts, still in the club colours of claret and light blue. This style was kept until the start of the League Championship winning season of 1893-94 when the club opted to dispense with quartered tops and adopt an all-claret jersey with light blue sleeves.

There are two styles of jerseys worn by the players in this 1891/92 group. Some show a claret round neckline, while others have two-toned collars.

The line up is, left to right: Charlie Athersmith, George Campbell, Harry Devey, Walter Evans, John Devey, James Warner, Billy Dickson, James Cowan, Dennis Hodgetts. John Baird, Louis Campbell and John Graham.

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