Villa in hoops

Aston Villa 1881-82

This Aston Villa lineup shows the team wearing blue and white hooped jerseys as the club’s first choice kit for season 1881-82. The two trophies are the Birmingham Senior Cup and the larger Birmingham Charity Cup.

A notice from the Midland Athlete inviting design entries for the Mayor of Birmingham Charity Cup.

Villa beat Walsall Swifts 4-1 to lift the Mayor of Birmibgham’s Charity Cup in its inaugral season. The Final was played at Aston Lower Grounds on May 6, 1882.

Villa won the Senior Cup for the second time defeating Wednesbury Old Athletic in the Final, also at the Lower Grounds, on April 1st.

The lineup is, (Standing) Oliver Whateley, David Anderson?, Edmund Lee, Archie Hunter, Eli Davis, George Copley?. (Seated) Howard Vaughton, Arthur Brown, Andy Hunter, Sammy Law, Joey Simmonds.

1 thought on “Villa in hoops

  1. Another great find, not seen this photo before. You really have some gems, thanks for sharing them.
    It’s most likely the team that played in those 2 finals, as Archie Hunter only played a handful of games that season.
    At first glance, I thought the player standing on the right was Tom Bryan. However, he didn’t play in the finals.
    I think it’s a worthwhile exercise to match up the players in this photo to your previous 1884 photo.
    Most players are quite obvious – Hunter, Vaughton, Simmonds, Lee, Davis. They appear in both this photo and the 1884 photo. However, the player standing second left looks similar to one of the unknown players sitting in the 1884 photo. So to my mind, the player standing second left may not be Anderson or Copley as they had left the club by 1884. Its just a theory, nothing more.


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