Break shots

October 29, 1896, Minute Book 122

Damage to Club property by players

Secretary reported that Spider Rest in Billiard Room had been broken last Friday, and a chair in another room last Monday; that he had made enquiries but could not find out the offenders.

Resolved that the following notice be posted on Notice Board.

The Committee are grieved and surprised at the wilful damage done to Club property, and that no player has the manliness to acknowledge his fault. That in future the cost of repairing, and any damage done, will be charged proportionately amongst the players then present under acknowledged by the offenders.

Committee: J. Margoschis, C. S. Johnstone, Fred Rinder, J. T. Lees and Dr Jones.

The Billiards Room at Villa Park situated in the Trinity Road Stand. This is not the room referred to in the Minute Book. The Trinity Road Stand was built in the early 1920s.

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